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Welcome to my model collection.

The majority of the models you'll see here, I built in the 80's when I was in my late teens and twenties. They are hand built, hand painted scale models that began as a bunch of white plastic parts in a colorful box. It was a hobby I really enjoyed as a kid. I still build the odd kit now and then, perhaps once a year. Now with a focus on photography, I can better share some of my favorite work.

Thanks for Visiting. Enjoy!

Kelly Oltean



Webmo Host / Saturday, September 3, 2016 / Categories: Wheels

1953 Chevrolet Corvette

1:24 scale Monogram kit

"Polo White and Power Glide only" they used to say. In '53 there were no color options for the debut year of the corvette. There were all Polo White, and that added to to it's uniqueness and charm. What a beautiful  and iconic automobile. In building this Monogram kit, I simultaneously built the AMT version of the same car. Despite being the same car, there was a real difference in the general representation. I could see right away that the Monogram kit seemed to resemble the real thing, and the AMT kit .. just seemed off, it's hard to describe .. not as curvy? narrower maybe? wrong stance? It just didn't look right. In any case, toward the end, the clear coat kinda yellowed on the AMT kit so that helped me decide where to put my focus. The Monogram version made me pretty happy ... a simple kit, needed some minor sanding and touch-ups around the headlights.Otherwise ... a good kit.  

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